Is it worth changing old boiler?

CEE recommends replacing a boiler when you are 25 years of age or older. A boiler can operate beyond this age, but it will operate less efficiently and is more likely to need more frequent repairs as it ages. This means that you'll pay more to heat your home as your boiler ages. Your boiler is one of the essential services in your home.

It keeps you warm in the winter months and ensures that you can stay comfortable and cozy inside the house. However, like all utility systems, boilers can be damaged and cause significant problems. Older boilers, due to their inefficiency, will generate higher heating bills in the home compared to replacing a modern boiler. In fact, according to the Energy Saving Trust, with modern condensing boilers your energy bills should be reduced by about a third.

A 30-year-old boiler contains a heat exchanger and a burner, it's not much more than heating some water on a real fire (which breaks even less than an old boiler). Older boilers, especially those that have been in service for several decades, are likely to be only 60% efficient; this means that you only get 60 pence of heat for every pound spent on gasoline.

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